22 octobre 2007

Ca c'est de l'interview - Ilhan Mimaroglu

- Are you catching up with the latest developments in music, more specifically a variety of derivatives of modern electronic music such as IDM (Intelligent Dance Music) and Ambient whose creators cite Stockhausen, Cage and Glass as their influence? - Leaving aside very many ballet scores of the past and the present (inclusive of electronic music for dance), which are indeed intelligent in various degrees, what I have been hearing all along in the field of dance music can be termed as MDM, moronic dance music, that is. As such, "intelligent dance music" is a typical contradiction in terms and its relevance to electronic music is beyond my comprehension.

Regarding the matter of pronouncing the names of those three composers in one breath, if I had tried to do that I would suffocate and spit out Philip Glass.

- Where do you see electronic music in 50 years time?
- Having no oracular pretensions, I do not try to see the future of electronic music.


2 commentaires:

Anonyme a dit…

vers 1967 ce compositeur a créé une oeuvre que je qualifierais d,électronique basée sur le poème Le Tombeau d'Edgar Poe, oèu puis-je trouver cette oeuvre en 2007

Patrick W a dit…

Exact, il semblerait qu'il soit actuellement épuisé... je peux pas t'en dire plus, un peu de patience et ce genre d'enregistrement finit toujours par revenir sur quelque label ou compilation ...